Cities and villages

Water is synonymous with life, movement, commerce and the past and present settlement structure of the province of Rovigo is proof of this.

From the capital, Rovigo, to the main cities, Badia Polesine and Lendinara up to the smaller ones, Fratta Polesine, Arquà Polesine, all places are linked to the presence of a watercourse, that is still active or that has left its mark in the geomorphology of the territory.

Small towns that have their origins in great history, which appears evident in the architectural styles, in industrial archeology or which is hidden in the immense wealth of archival funds or in the numerous museums scattered throughout the province of Rovigo or, again, in the oral tradition of the intangible heritage told by the storytellers of the area.



The provincial capital is a city capable of surprising between history, nature and the meekness of its inhabitants. In the past centuries it was…

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Arquà Polesine

Right where the Po di Adria, active during the Bronze Age, drew a right-angled curve and then continued its course towards Adria, stands Arquà…

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Badia Polesine

The origins of the town of Badia Polesine are closely linked to the Community of Benedictine monks, present here since the 10th century and…

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The small town of Canda, is located on the hydrographic left of the Canalbianco and as its name indicates, “can-da” or “place of rest”,…

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The charming historic center of Castelguglielmo, reachable by sailing on the Canalbianco or through a beautiful walk along the pedestrian path along the river,…

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The village of Ceregnano begins to form in the Middle Ages and its history is closely linked to river dynamics. It is no coincidence…

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Costa di Rovigo

The historic center of Costa stands out for its elevated position with respect to the surrounding area. The reason? The little town of Costa…

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Fratta Polesine

Fratta Polesine is a small village that amazes for the quantity of historic houses that overlook the Scortico – the canal that connects the…

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Giacciano con Baruchella

Giacciano con Baruchella derives from the union carried out in 1859 of three inhabited centres: Baruchella, the major one, Giacciano and Zelo. Its history…

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The historic center of Lendinara is entirely crossed by the Naviglio Adigetto, which with its walkways and rivieras, give it an elegant and harmonious…

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Lusia, located on the right bank of the Adige, is known for the production of crunchy salad certified with the “PGI” (Protected Geographical Indication)…

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Pettorazza Grimani

Pettorazza Grimani owes its name to the large rural courtyard located a short distance from the high embankment of the Adige, built in the…

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News ed events

Exhibitions and exhibitions among the most influential
of the national scene, sporting events, music, food and wine, art, nature, festivals and traditional events.
12 July - 23 August

Tra Ville e Giardini – festival

3 September - 10 September

Rovigo Cello City

1 September - 5 November

Palazzo Roncale , mostra Virgilio Milani

22 September - 28 January

Palazzo Roverella, exhibition Tina Modotti: The fire of passions.

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