The village of Ceregnano begins to form in the Middle Ages and its history is closely linked to river dynamics.

It is no coincidence that in Lama Polesine, a fraction of Ceregnano, the Shrine of the Christ of the Flood was built, dedicated to the victims of floods from all over the world.

The building built between 1967 and 1968 and houses the Flooded Christ, found in the waters of the terrible flood of 1951 which affected a large part of Polesine.

Today the course of the Canalbianco and the Adigetto do not constitute a hostile presence, on the contrary, they return an area rich in natural beauty to be enjoyed with outdoor activities.

For example, the “Path of Memory” is very interesting. It is dedicated to the martyrs of the German retaliation of Previere, which took place on 24 April 1945.