Who we are

“Terre fra Adige e Po” Terre fra Adige e Po” is the name of the Area Brand established in 2021, a new governance and tourism promotion tool for the “Rovigo destination” supported by the Venice-Rovigo Chamber of Commerce, the Cariparo Foundation and Gal Adige with reference to some specific actions.

In fact, the last decade has prompted the actors of the various tourism systems to equip themselves with new tourism management systems to respond effectively to changes in tourism demand. Starting from the Regional Law No. 11/2013, the Veneto Region continues to urge the protagonists of the various Local Tourist Systems to modify organizational models.
Main goal:

  • develop a shared vision of the territory, which urges the various public and private actors to think strategically in terms of product and not in geographical and administrative terms
  • create a more attractive tourist offer, which overcomes internal competitive logics.

With these aims and with the technical support and strategic-operational coordination of the Rovigo Convention & Visitors Bureau, the “Terre fra Adige” Area Brand was born, and it aggregates 40 entities – public, productive associations and cultural entities, including the 17 Municipalities that fall within Gal Adige: