Taste and spirit

Rovigo is the cradle of a fertile land capable of producing a high range of fruit and vegetables and water with special qualities for the cultivation of mussels in the Scardovari inlet and in the Caleri lagoon, fine products sold in Italy and abroad.

Fresh vegetables and fruit are widely present throughout the province, and find a peak of production and quality in the Lusia area.

A short distance from Rovigo there are instead vast cultivations of walnuts, which allow some companies to transform the product in a thousand different ways, to satisfy those who love tradition and those who prefer gourmet products.

The cultivation of wheat and corn is present throughout the province, producing white, wholemeal and stone-ground flours with which to produce bread and biscuits.

In certain areas, such as Pontecchio Polesine for example, a type of wheat with a high protein value is grown, which allows the production of a type of pasta equally renowned for its nutritional value.

5 certified products: Lusia IGP salad, Polesano White Garlic DOP, Po Delta rice IGP, Red Chioggia and Rosolina IGP radish, Scardovari Mussel DOP.

Not to be missed: the Zucca di Melara, the Pane Biscotto di Loreo, the Ciabatta Polesana di Adria, the Pan del Doge Villadose and the Pink Oyster from the Po Delta.

The "Terre fra Adige-Po" in recent decades have enriched the production of craft and agricultural beers, thanks to the variety of barley which, based on the position of the crops, from west to east, gives different fragrances to the final product.
Finally, the Polesine land is able to amaze even the most refined palates with a wide range of highquality distillates using fruit and medicinal herbs that grow here luxuriantly, an olfactory journey of over 30 fragrances also becomes a game to play in the company of friends before the indispensable tasting.

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23 February - 30 June


22 September - 28 January

Palazzo Roverella, exhibition Tina Modotti: The fire of passions.

30 November - 10 March

THE COUNT AND THE CARDINAL, the masterpieces of the Silvestri Collection

21 October - 16 December


Badia Polesine