Lands of Emotion

Emotion is movement, Polesine is movement.

A land shaped by water, which as such is never the same but constantly changing.

A kaleidoscopic land, changing in colors and shapes, with numerous imperceptible shades of green and blue, which knows how to surprise and excite, which can be crossed slowly from west to east, following the natural flow of the waterways.

A fertile land which, precisely due to its geographical position, has been enriched with large rural courtyards, Venetian villas of Venetian origin, industrious centers of ancient times of which traces remain in the archaeological finds which, with every search, leave us amazed by the importance of what continuous research brings to light.

A land where the landscape, natural and cultural, are tightly welded together in an indissoluble knot of love.

News ed events

Exhibitions and exhibitions among the most influential
of the national scene, sporting events, music, food and wine, art, nature, festivals and traditional events.
12 July - 23 August

Tra Ville e Giardini – festival

3 September - 10 September

Rovigo Cello City

1 September - 5 November

Palazzo Roncale , mostra Virgilio Milani

22 September - 28 January

Palazzo Roverella, exhibition Tina Modotti: The fire of passions.

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