Sacred places

Sacred places

The entire territory of the Polesine is dotted with small oratories bearing witness to a popular faith, which entrusted to prayer the request for protection of the crops or to save lives, for example, from floods.

Next to these, there are the great architectural treasures rich in art of the parish churches, sanctuaries and monasteries that once stood here, proof of how much this territory can lead to contemplation and prayer.

And it is incredible how even the places no longer assigned to religious practice, such as the Olivetani Monastery in Rovigo or the Vangadizza Abbey in Badia Polesine, have kept this power intact.

Destinations of pilgrimage and devotion are today the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Pilastrello in Lendinara and the Basilica of San Bellino in the town of the same name.

The achievement of the contemplative state also passes through immersion in the beauty of pictorial works such as, for example,in the Temple of the Beata Vergine del Soccorso in Rovigo or in listening to the clean, crystalline and pure sound of the organs built in the eighteenth century by Gaetano Callido.

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Palazzo Roverella, exhibition Tina Modotti: The fire of passions.

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THE COUNT AND THE CARDINAL, the masterpieces of the Silvestri Collection

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