Ancient paths

Ancient paths

The Polesine is located on the trajectory of 3 important national and international pilgrimage routes which, although born to be traveled on foot, are also well suited to the use of the bicycle: the important thing is that the journey made for devotion, spiritual research, or penance is slow to allow you to find yourself and, for those who have faith, God.

All three routes cross the territory and connect the Adige river to the Po river.
We are talking about the Romea Strata, which goes from Tallinn in Estonia in Central Eastern Europe to Rome.

The stretch that involves the province of Rovigo takes the name of Nonantolana-Longobarda and goes from Badia Polesine to Sariano.

Moving east, we find the Via Romea Germanica which from Stade in Germany arrives in Rome.

Stop no. 17, Rovigo – Polesella, is the one that interests Polesine.

Almost entirely coinciding with the route of the latter, the Camino di Sant'Antonio which extends from Camposampiero in the province of Padua to the Sanctuary of La Verna in the province of Arezzo.

Stop no. 4, Rovigo – Polesella, winds through the province of Rovigo.



The historical itinerary of Il Cammino di Sant’Antonio, originated in 2010 from the idea of ​​connecting the most significant places linked to the life…

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The Via Romea Germanica covers almost 2,200 kilometres, starting from Stade in Germany and arriving in Rome. It crosses 3 countries, in 94 stages:…

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12 July - 23 August

Tra Ville e Giardini – festival

3 September - 10 September

Rovigo Cello City

1 September - 5 November

Palazzo Roncale , mostra Virgilio Milani

22 September - 28 January

Palazzo Roverella, exhibition Tina Modotti: The fire of passions.

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