Educational Farms

Educational Farms

Just outside the historic center or in the open countryside, there are no less than 17 educational farms, that welcome small and very young children but - why not - also families and adults, who have the curiosity to learn and know the secrets of agricultural production or the stages of transformation of foods that are brought to the table every day.

The experiential activity on the farm is certainly the most effective way to educate on the correct relationship with the territory and its products, guaranteeing their sustainability.

In "The lands between the Adige and the Po", it is thus possible - for example - to enter an immense vegetable garden and personally pick the vegetables present according to the seasonal rhythm, walk among rows of walnuts and discover the phases of their processing or taste delicious honey after having observed the stages of processing, or taste the beer made with barley grown on the farm or listen to the story of the actions implemented to protect the environment.

From teaching to experience, from the need for authenticity to innovation: the offer is varied and for all ages.

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