Villas and Palaces

Villas and Palaces

The Villas and Palaces that adorn the historic centers and are an integral part of them, bear witness to different eras and architectural styles, such as Palazzo Roverella and Palazzo Roncale in Rovigo or Villa Turchetti in Badia Polesine.

But it is always curious - traveling along the water or land routes - to see the enormous number of beautiful Venetian-era villas scattered throughout the area, even in the open countryside, but always near a stream, and not necessarily in the population centres.

As told by an exceptional chronicler of the period - Carlo Goldoni - during the summer season, in the Renaissance era, the city aristocrats went to their country residences, to supervise the work on their agricultural estates and - at the same time - enjoy a rest in contact with nature in their villas, which were sometimes authentic palaces with frescoed interiors, the result of the project of illustrious architects, like Andrea Palladio, as well as Villa Badoer in Fratta Polesine.

Some of these villas can be visited, such as Palazzo Malmignati or Palazzo Boldrin in Lendinara, Villa Molin Avezzù in Fratta Polesine or the Castle of Arquà Polesine, but surely, all of them are visible and their appearance in the rural landscape will, we are sure, surprise you.

Examples are Villa Grimani in Pettorazza, Villa Nani Mocenigo in Canda, Villa Ca' Moro in San Bellino

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Palazzo Roverella, exhibition Tina Modotti: The fire of passions.

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THE COUNT AND THE CARDINAL, the masterpieces of the Silvestri Collection

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