A weekend full of events not to be missed, dedicated to the topic of AI and its impact on society, including videos, art, dance, music, theater and much more! From September 30th to October 2nd 2023 the multidisciplinary Festival promoted by La Fabbrica dello Zucchero returns to the city.

It is a festival – now in its fifth edition – of multi arts and views on the present time, which this year will deal with the disruptive theme “Artificial Intelligence: new creative and spatial dimensions”.

Three days rich of events, in which, through theatre, dance, music, storytelling and meetings, we will be able to explore unexpected stories and perspectives on one of the most controversial challenges that concern us as individuals and as a community.

The main ideas proposed by the festival concern the Artificial Intelligence Experience, the immersion in virtual reality amidst labyrinths and gardens of a parallel world, but also the reflections on the technological dimension of future society and the new questions on the coexistence of human and machine creativity.

“Tensioni Festival” presents itself as a reflection on the Present. A multidisciplinary review told by sounds, visions, bodies, words, art, photography.

Rovigo Convention & Visitors Bureau, partner of the festival, provides a large monitor where participants can discover the area, thanks to 9 video clips: from the art of the historic buildings, to the ancient history of Rovigo which – during the 1600s – was presented as a “walled city”, from the rich landscape enhanced by the paths, to the experiences that this area offers. An authentic and realistic immersive journey in the wonderful lands between the Adige and the Po.

An unmissable opportunity not only to participate in the festival, but also to spend a few days of vacation discovering the historical-artistic heritage of Rovigo and the many nearby villages. Here you will find incredible villas-palaces, large and small museums, sacred places, without forgetting the nature and the flavors of land and water that the “Terra fra Adige-Po” can offer, with taste and pleasure for body and mind.




Tensioni Festival: www.lafabbricadellozucchero.com/tensioni