Teatro Balzan di Badia Polesine

Next to the Town Hall, on the main street of Badia Polesine, stands the city’s Teatro Sociale.

Based on a project by the engineer from Rovigo Sante Baseggio, the same one who designed the Teatro Sociale in Rovigo more or less in the same years, its construction dates back to 1812 at the behest of a private citizen, Bartolomeo Dente from Badia.

In the following years, the Theater was restored and expanded but despite everything, sold out at every performance, it ceased its activity in 1905 due to high management costs.

Only in 2011, after numerous restoration works, the Theater was reopened to the public and named after Eugenio Balzan, a local from Badia and a leading figure in the field of publishing, music, art and journalism in Milan, the city to which he moved at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Since 2014, in the Ridotto, 49 works by famous Italian painters of the 19th and 20th centuries, that are part of the Eugenio Balzan Collection, have been exhibited.