From 11 th  to 17 th  September, Rovigo was turned into an open-air art gallery between land art, design, photography, music and live performances, thanks to RoRegeneration, a local Festival that aims to regenerate urban areas through street art.

The Festival – for the second year in a row – counts on Rovigo Convention & Visitors Bureau among the technical partners for the promotion of the county seat and the destination, as part of the actions promoted by the area brand “Terre fra Adige-Po” supported by the Chamber of Commerce Ve-Ro and Cariparo Foundation.

The event aims to stimulate citizens and tourists to become an active part in the redevelopment and regeneration processes of the city, allowing them to discover and rediscover new ways of experiencing Rovigo.

In this way, new perceptions are activated through the exploration of different urban artistic forms and consequently, the function of public spaces is seen differently from their usual function, thus triggering new ways of experiencing socialization.

The 2023 edition of RoRegeneration highlights the city as an activating system of perceptions aimed at recognizing oneself in an identity that evolves and is enriched by the urban art.

A cultural festival capable of offering new ways of experiencing the city and a valuable promotional tool that offers the visitors the opportunity to discover Rovigo, visiting not only the festival locations, but also its most iconic monuments, such as the Two Towers, the Grandi Fiumi Museum and the Temple of the Beata Vergine del Soccorso known as the Rotonda.

Street art, music, land art, sound art, photography, skateboarding, artistic workshops and live painting: many creative proposals for adults and children, to look at the city with different eyes, but also precious ideas for rethinking spaces, enhancing them as a center of meeting and connections.

An unmissable opportunity to discover the city in a different light and to spend a few days of holiday discovering the historical-artistic heritage of Rovigo and the many nearby villages. Here you will find villas-palaces, large and small museums, sacred places, without forgetting the nature and the flavors of land and water that the “Terra fra Adige-Po” can offer, with taste and spirit.